Dave is a trained Porsche and Mercededes Benz mechanic. He has built many engines,transmissions and suspensions and knows the fits and clearances, the tools and the special tricks for dealing with these cars. The focus is on cars up to the 1980″s and any mechanical , electric or electronic problem has been addressed many times over Dave”s 35 years in the business. For road car work we assess the cars condition either through the owners report,a test drive or visual inspection and provide a rough estimate, which may be modified and so advised upon further inspection. If further shop strip reveals other or more extensive problems we advise the owner in writing and at that point the owner either elects to proceed and will pay a deposit to cover material costs or collects the car and pays only the cost of diagnostic report .. a fixed 105 dollar fee.

Space is at a premium in the shop and cars on hold by customers incur a storage fee of $150 per month or part thereof.