Porsche 911

The 911 first hit the streets of North America in 1966. We have been building, restoring and developing 911 based race cars since 5 years after its introduction. The older cars are still very popular as historic race cars –  light , agile, powerful and competitive.  With all race cars where you are extracting twice or three times the power it originally left the showroom with substantial improvements made to body, suspension,motor and transmission. Dave has built aluminum and magnesium motors and has put together over 100 901 and 915 transmissions. We have a huge inventory of core parts and also the access to the proven suppliers for new and aftermarket  systems. We can put together sprint or endurance motors for you, short or long track transmissions and improve your handling and lap times. At the track we use two way radios and can provide coaching for your new ride.

We have built 270 Horsepower 2.5 litre motors and 600 Horsepower turbo motors. We have access to all the right machining facilities and plating services and can dyno your motor once complete. Our cars have won many podium finishes and the Tribute racing 911 RS and 914/6 have won the Historic and G70 class championships four years in a row