Porsche 914 / 6


914/6s  have become somewhat of a specialty of the house at Eurotune. The first infamous  07 car was run by Dave and John in two different classes each race weekend for two full seasons, clocking over 100 hours without being freshened. It had many podium finishes at tracks throughout the North East and was real testimony to the build provenance of the shop. The two cars in the images are the built from scratch 2.4 litre long stroke of Mike Steplock and the original 914/6 GT of John Hawkes. The 129 car was restored from a well known race car in Ontario for over 25 years. The 229 yellow car, often driven by Dave,  started as a bare bones road car and was built with a brand  new cage, suspension , motor and transmission. The car was built to emulate the spiders built by the factory and still run successfully by Hurley Haywood.

The fit and finish of this car is perfect and was the subject of a three year build. The orange car of John Hawkes is an original car  recently bought out of the States. Unfortunately, upon further inspection of an apparently “ ready to race “ car cracks in the transmission case and in the main bearing web were discovered  and a full power plant rebuild was required. The car is now completely leak proof and has won two of its first three events.